Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

To honor this important month of remembrance and awareness, Mama has created a couple special products to benefit the Dragon Dream Team of Akron, Ohio. Half all soap sales will go to the team. How did we come to choose them as our breast cancer charity of choice, you ask?

My Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in February of 2007. It was the most terrifying phone call of my life.

Early detection saved my Mom’s life, and the Dragon Dream Team, a group of kick-ass breast cancer survivors, lifted her spirits.

I've watched them compete in Ontario and Tennessee against other Dragon Boat teams around the country and was able to see first hand what an amazing organization it is.

The thing that moved me about all of the women is no one was there to talk about surviving what was probably the worst ordeal of their lifetime. They were there to compete and support and live.

When deciding how I wanted to contribute to this cause that is so dear to my family, I decided that because being a small business that relies so heavily on my community, that I wanted to give back on a community level. Even though I live in Atlanta and they’re in Ohio, these women are every bit a part of my community because of what they mean to my Mom.

The Dragon Dream Team soap is peppermint and rosemary, a scent combination that my Mom picked, and I think its uplifting qualities suit the team -- and its mission -- perfectly. Last year, we added a breast self exam oil called Boob Loob and this year we're debuting a hot flash cooling spray called Be Cool that will also benefit the team.  If you would like to support the team, click here to shop. 50% of each purchase of these 3 items goes directly to the team!

To learn more about the Dragon Dream Team of Ohio, click here.  Thanks so much for your support!