Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My sign is mangled, but my spirit is not

I had this up for all of 2 days.

The Cookie Studio ladies warned me this would happen. There is just no good place to put a sign out by the road. They inevitably get run over. This was supposed to be temporary until I could figure out my best signage option for the street. Oh well, the chalkboard had seen better days anyways. Never to fear, it will not end up in a landfill. I will chop off the legs and make it a table top model. It wouldn't be the only thing in my shop given a new life by a roll of duct tape. I can feel my Grandpa beaming down on me.

So anyways, the store is open. But everyone who comes in the shop has said they couldn't tell, so I obviously I need to fix this stat. This is why I did a soft opening. Calling the sign guy tomorrow.

My fall music is starting to jump out at me during my itunes scrolls. Fleet Foxes. Radiohead. The Strokes first album. The transition from summer to fall is my very favorite time of year, and it breathes new life into me. Except for the ragweed. It's my personal version of Kryptonite.

Pics coming soon of the new shop. I'll be pimping my wares at the East Atlanta Strut this weekend. Looking forward to it, because it's my favorite festival in Atlanta. Oh, and this too:

New Mama products making their debut, complimentary mar-tea-nis from local tea maker Just Add Honey, yummy sweets from The Cookie Studio and swag bags full of goodies for the first 25 customers. Put it on your calendar and more details coming soon!

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