Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day at Mama!

The Mama Shop is all about love right now.

Loving the felted roses (stage right) that were formerly wool sweaters - made by my friend and former studio mate Felted Heart. We have some other great gifts for your sweetie too at a variety of price points.

Loving our V-day themed soaps: Chocolate Bar and My Flower. Both are 100% natural, so it was a challenge coming up with a chocolate scent. The combo of cocoa butter and cocoa powder won. Chocolate Bar smells like a brownie and My Flower is rose geranium essential oil. It's a really lovely rose scent - no Granny perfume here.

Also loving my flowering Quince branches. A much needed little bit of spring. I have a hookup, so let me know if you want some of your very own!

We were a little late with our Valentine's Day offerings this year, so I'm not going to have time to photograph and get them up on the website. If you're interested in ordering any of the chocolate or rose scents, shoot me an email: or call the shop: 404.377.7800. Still plenty of time to ship before the big day!

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Trulie Ankerberg, MS, RD said...

I thought of you twice this week. I drove by your shop and happened to look over and see it at the right time. Next time, I will stop in!

I also looked at my daughter's skin after her bath last night and saw some red, dry and uncomfortable looking patch. I thought it is somewhat ridiculous of me to care so much about the food she eats and not care about what is being slathered all over her skin. There is another reason I need to venture into your shop!